Scandi Hairline Trend

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What is the “Scandinavian Hairline” technique? This latest colouring trend involves your colourist creating a seamless blend of face-framing blonde highlights which give almost a halo type effect. The results are stunning and aim to replicate the naturally bright, light tones of Nordic blondes. 

The service is normally carried out at the backwash using a freehand technique. The fine, baby hairs around your front hairline are gently brushed forward onto the forehead using a fine comb. Your stylist will then apply colour (often bleach) directly to the hairline which once developed creates a stunning sun-kissed, radiant look.

Nordic highlights or "Scandi Hair" is aimed at those who already have blonde or lighter hair shades. That's not to say that it can't be achieved for redheads and brunettes. Lighter brown highlights can add dimension and depth, while a beautiful strawberry blonde can enhance a natural red head. 

This service looks great when teamed with a balayage or full head highlights. Touch-ups are recommended every 10 - 12 weeks alongside glossing treatments and toners to keep your hair looking fresh and healthy.

Please note:  A skin test is required 48 hours prior to colouring services.

Help! My Home Colour Has Gone Wrong

  This is not a technique to try at home! If your hair colour has gone wrong, do not be embarrassed. We are colour correction specialists in Hitchin, which means we can get your hair back to beautiful again. We can also add Olaplex to your hair colouring service to protect your locks, adding strength and shine to even the most over-processed hair. 

Please do not be tempted to add hair dye on top of your hair colour as this can make the problem worse. You can book a complimentary consultation where we can discuss your hair colour problems and devise a plan to rectify your hair and get it exactly how you want it. 

Davines Vegan Hair Colour

Davines vegan hair colours are formulated to respect the environment and be kind to your hair whilst still providing outstanding results in terms of shine, condition and colour durability. They use ingredients of a natural origin, which are generated with renewable electric energy, and packaged to minimise environmental impact.

The highly trained team at Style Me Hairdressing salon in Hitchin can customise the colour formulations to produce exactly the result you want, whether that be a gorgeous golden blonde, warm caramel tone or platinum white.

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