Hair Colouring

Hair Colour At Style Me Hairdressing Salon In Hitchin

Very few of us are blessed with golden blonde hair or a glorious shade of red or brunette, let alone a blue hair colour or mermaid tones!!  If your hair needs a little boost or you want to cover some greys or opt for a completely new hair colour, our highly skilled colour technicians are here to help.

We can create just about any hair colour and offer complimentary consultations so we can get your look exactly as you want it.  

We pride ourselves on working with Davines hair colour products which are kind to the hair... and our planet.  Davines colour use ingredients of a natural origin, which are generated with renewable electric energy, and packaged to minimise environmental impact. We also work with Milkshake hair colour which produces excellent results using a mix of natural and synthetic professional ingredients including milk protein that is heavenly food for your hair!

Please note:  A skin test is required 48 hours prior to colouring services.

Balayage V Ombré

Not sure what to ask for?  Ombré or balayage hair colour?  Let us explain!  The most popular balayage look is to have sun-kissed highlights throughout your hair, leaving the roots a little darker and closer to your natural shade. Ombré provides a more obvious gradient of colour but also usually with darker roots and lighter tips. We can also create variations on balayage and ombré such as colour melting, root stretching and face-framing highlights (known as the 'money piece'). 


Highlights & Lowlights

Highlights and lowlights are a wonderful way to add interest to your hair.  They can be as chunky or as fine as you wish and can be added in multiple shades either throughout your hair or in sections.  Blonde highlights tend to be the most popular look as they will give an overall lightening effect, but we really can add any shade you desire from strawberry blonde to hot reds and fashion colours.  If you've seen a hair colour you love, make sure you show an image to your colourist.   


Mermaid Hair Colours

The trend for 'all things mythical' is showing no sign of diminishing and it's easy to see with beautiful hair shades like this.  If you want mermaid hair colour or a unicorn shade, you've come to the right place at Style Me Hairdressing Salon in Hitchin.  Just check out our Instagram page and you'll see some of our best fantasy hair colours!  Using colour melting techniques, we can blend different shades to create wonderful hair colour looks that would not look out of place in a fairytale book!


 Classic Hair Colours

Classic hair colours such as blondes, brunettes and redheads will never go out of fashion.  There is a multitude of shades, products and techniques we can use to boost your natural hair colour (if you want a subtle change) or completely change your shade (for a total hair colour transformation).  If you have some grey hairs peeking through, we can also match your natural hair colour to cover those pesky greys.  Book in for a complimentary consultation today at Hitchin's best hairdressers.

Hair Colour Experts at Style Me Hairdressers in Hitchin, Herts

Blonde Colour Experts

When it comes to going blonde hair, there are many options to consider.  We have hundreds of  shades to choose from - golden blondes, platinum blondes, ash blondes, honey blondes - and we can find a colour that works with your skin tone to make you look more radiant.  There are also various techniques including highlighting, balayage, and full colour which each create a different look.  Please also bear in mind that moving from a dark base to blonde may take more than one appointment.   


Pastel Hair Colours

People are having fun with their hair styles and colours these days, with pastel hair colours at the top of the list when it comes to the prettiest looks!  We can create just about every colour of the rainbow from pastel pinks, lilacs and purples to baby blues and vibrant greens.  Pastel hair colours work best on light hair colours so bear in mind that we may need to lighten or bleach your hair to ensure we achieve your chosen colour. Book a hair colour consultation so we can come up with a plan! 


Book A Hair Colour Appointment At Hitchin's Number 1 Salon

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Are you the best hairdressers in Hitchin for hair colour?


We believe so! Our expert colour technicians are highly trained in all the latest hair colour techniques and hair colour trends gaining a reputation as being hair colour specialists in Hitchin.

How do I find the right hair colour for me?


We offer complimentary hair colour consultations. If you're not sure what shade and technique is right for you, make sure to book a consultation with our hair colour experts. They will take into account your natural hair colour, eye colour, skin tone and lifestyle to recommend a hair colour that is perfectly suited to you.

Do I need a skin test before my hair colouring service?


Yes. A patch test (also known as an allergy test, AAT or skin test) is used to test for any allergies you may have for our hair colour products. A skin test is required 48 hours prior to colouring services.

Do you offer colour correction services?


Yes! If you have a hair colour problem, make sure to book a consultation with our hair colour specialists as soon as possible. Read more about colour correction services at Style Me Hairdressing.

Can you cover up my grey hair?


We can! We can seamlessly blend away unwanted grey hairs or help you go grey gracefully with a transitional grey hair colour.