Balayage At The Best Hairdressers In Hitchin

At Style Me Hairdressing Salon in Hitchin, our colourists are skilled in a variety of hair colouring techniques including balayage and ombré.  Both techniques involve painting and blending a lighter hair colour onto the ends and mid-lengths of your hair to create a bespoke, often sun-kissed, look. As the best hair colour experts in Hertfordshire, we can create a wide range of shades including blonde balayage & blonde ombré hair colours. Other popular looks include pastel ombré hair colours and red balayage.

Balayage V Ombré

We call it balayage but you may also have heard it called colour melt, ombré, root stretch, foilayage...  Put simply, both looks tend to have darker roots with the hair growing lighter towards the ends.  Balayage has more subtle highlights, while ombré creates a more obvious two-tone effect. 


Blonde Balayage

Blonde balayage is one of the most asked-for hair colour techniques at Style Me Hairdressing Salon in Hitchin.  It gives you a sun-kissed look and grows out beautifully without any harsh regrowth lines.  Book your blonde balayage consultation today by calling 01462 442553. 

Hair Colour Experts at Style Me Hairdressers in Hitchin, Herts

The Money Piece

If you're looking for a subtle lift in your hair colour, consider the money piece.  This is where we add some highlights to frame your face.  It's called the money piece because it gives you an expensive and glamorous look but without the price tag!


Fashion Ombre

When it comes to balayage it doesn't always need to be blonde.  Pastel shades and bold colours also look sensational. Top trends include pastel ombré hair colours, copper balayage, purple ombré - or whatever hair colour you so desire!


Book A Hair Appointment At Hitchin's Best Colour Salon

 Whether you want a colour refresh or a complete hair colour transformation, you can book an appointment or consultation by calling Style Me Hairdressers in Hitchin on 01462 442553 or book online

Frequently Asked Questions

Does your Hitchen hair salon have late night opening?


We open late on Thursdays. 9:30am 8:00pm. Check out our salon opening times here.

Do you offer balayage consultations in your Hitchen Salon?


Yes. Our highly trained hair colour technicians are experts in balayage, ombre, face frame highlights & colour melt hair colour and will guide you through the various options.

How much do you charge for balayage at Style Me Hairdressing?


Our balayage prices vary depending on which level of stylist you choose. You can check all of our salon prices in Hitchen.

Are you the best hairdressers in Hitchen for balayage?


Our clients tell us we are the best hair salon in Hitchen for balayage. We can create everything from sun-kissed balayage highlights to bold fashion statement hair and dramatic ombré where we create a two-tone look with contrasting colours.

Do you have lots of five star customer reviews for balayage in Hitchen?


We are the top hairdressers in Hitchen and have dozens of five star salon reviews from delighted clients. Read some of our five star salon reviews to find out why.

Do I need a patch test before my balayage colour?


Yes. We are a colour responsible salon which means we will require you to pop in for a quick skin test 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.

Do you offer balayage for red heads?


We do indeed! The talented team of stylists at Style Me hair salon in Hitchen can create an array of beautiful red balayage hair colours that perfectly suit your skin tone and personality.

Do you offer Ombré & Sombré?


Yes. We offer a range of different hair colouring techniques which fall under the balayage umbrella including Ombré & Sombré.

What is balayage hair colour?


Balayage is a French hair colouring technique where the hair colour is applied by hand, sweeping in a vertical motion for a more natural sun-kissed effect. Ombré is a technique that involves dying the ends of your hair a contrasting colour to the roots.

Do you offer olaplex hair treatments to help protect my hair during colouring?


Yes. We have some fantastic in-salon treatments which can be added during the hair colouring process to protect the integrity and health of your hair.