Hair Colour Terminology

Hair Colour Guide From The Expert Hairdressers In Hitchin At Style Me Hairdressing

Knowing what to ask for when you book a hair colour appointment can be a daunting task. What is the difference between balayage and ombre, do I need permanent hair colour or a wash in wash out colour? Rest assured, the colour specialists at Style Me Hairdressing Salon in Hitchin have years of experience and will happily guide you through your choices. 

They promise to speak jargon free and will carefully explain each step of your chosen colour journey. It is recommended that you bring along screenshots of hair colours that you like and even of those that you don't to enable us to get a clear idea of the look you are hoping to achieve. 

Read on to learn all about the most popular hair colouring techniques and trends. To book an appointment please call our friendly reception team on 01462 442553.

Please note: Allergic reactions to hair dye are rare, but they can happen, so you must follow our guidelines and have an allergy alert test before your colour service. At least 48 hours before your appointment.

Which Colouring Technique Is Right For Me?

There are many reasons why people choose to get their hair coloured. You may wish to enhance your natural hair tones, need to neutralise unwanted yellow or brassy tones after an incorrect colour application or fancy trying out the latest creative looks.

Which hair colouring technique you choose will depend on the look you desire, your budget and how much maintenance you are prepared to keep up with. Adding a few face-framing highlights for example can brighten your look and frame your face and require fewer trips to the hairdressers, while a vivid red hair colour will need regular top-ups to ensure it stays looking healthy and bright.

If it's the first time you are having your hair coloured, or if you are nervous, please feel free to ask our expert hair colourists as many questions as you like! We are a friendly bunch and will happily chat through any concerns you may have. Why not book a consultation with our colour technicians to find out more? We’ll be pleased to advise on how we can make the look work for you.

Hair Colour Terminology

Colour Melt - Varying shades of colour are overlapped from roots to tips to give the appearance that they have been melted into one another.

Root Stretch Balayage - Your natural root colour is ‘stretched’ for a low-maintenance balayage look.

Foilayage - Similar to balayage but more subtle. Very fine highlights are added throughout the hair, often in a lighter shade.

Ombré - When one hair colour is blended into another from roots to tips. Grows out beautifully without any harsh regrowth lines.

Re-Growth Application/Root Touch Up - When only the new hair colour growth from your scalp is coloured.

Balayage - Sun-kissed highlights are added throughout your hair, leaving the roots a little darker and closer to your natural shade.

Toners - Often added after a hair lightening service to blend and even out unwanted warm or brassy tones or as a colour refresher.

Hair Colour Glosses - Adds a glossy shine to natural & artificial hair colours.

Highlights/Lowlights - Highlights and lowlights are a wonderful way to add interest to your hair. They can be as chunky or as fine as you wish and can be added in multiple shades.

BabyLights - Delicate highlights that are often added around the front hairline to mimic those natural sun-kissed tones children often have.

Bleach - Used to lighten hair and strip the natural pigment. Another colour is often placed over the top.

The Money Piece - This is where we add some obvious highlights to frame your face.

Bronde - A hair colour that sits in between brown and blonde.

Contrast Colours - Varying shades and depths of colour are used to create a more obvious & dramatic contrast of hair colour.

Temporary Hair Colour – A temporary hair dye which will wash out completely over a few shampoos. You can only go darker with temporary hair colour. If you want to lighten your hair, you will need to use a semi-permanent or permanent dye.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour – Semi colours sit between a temporary and permanent hair colour. It washes out after around 20 weeks.

Permanent Hair Colour – Permanent hair dye deposits the hair colour deeper within each hair strand so your colour will be permanent. As a result, your roots will need re-touching.

Solve Hair Colour Problems

Have you experienced a hair colour disaster at home or elsewhere? Our trained hair colour experts are here to help.  Common hair colour issues include unwanted brassy tones, hair colour that has turned out too dark and DIY balayage colour that has not turned out as expected. Changing your hair shade is a complex operation!  We have the highest levels of technical colour expertise, and creativity to deliver exceptional hair colour results.  

Book a colour correction consultation ASAP by calling our professional & friendly team at Style Me Hairdressing in Hitchin on 01462 442553.