Summer Hair Trends

Summer Hair Ideas At Style Me Hair Salon In Hitchin

The arrival of the sun, blue skies and thoughts of holidays are enough to bring a smile to our faces here at Style Me Hairdressing in Hitchin.  It also turns our minds to the idea of reinventing our hair - whether that's a summer hairstyle or hair colour.  If you are ready for a new look, please book in for a complimentary consultation so we can help you with your style.  Now onto some lovely summer hair ideas to keep you cool and looking fresh for the new season!

Plaited Hairstyles

There are so many different plaited hairstyles to choose from and they are a stylish way to keep your hair neat and away from your face.  If you want something more complicated, book in for a styling session at your favourite Style Me salon!

Glitter Partings

Add glitter to your parting - or sprinkle it all over - for a fun festival vibe!  Who doesn't love a bit of glitter now and then!!

Pastel Hair Colours

Pastel hair colours are a lovely way to brighten up your hairstyle.  We can create temporary pastel hair shades that fade with each wash... or something more permanent if you want to keep your colour throughout the warmer months.

Cool Ponytails

Much like plaits, ponytails are a good way to keep your hair up and off your face and neck when it's warm.  Opt for a high ponytail, side pony or a low ponytail tied at the nape of your neck.