Hair Colour Ideas

Hair Colour Inspiration At Style Me Hairdressing Salon In Hitchin

Are you stuck in a rut with your hair? Maybe it's time to spice things up with a new hair colour from the experts at Style Me Hairdressing in Hitchin!  We are highly skilled when it comes to cutting and colouring hair.  If you've seen a colour you love, make sure you show it to your colour technician or simply book a consultation and we can help you find a shade you'll love.  Read on for some more hair colour inspiration...

Balayage & The Money Piece

Balayage remains a popular look but it's been given a bit of a lift in recent months with the addition of The Money Piece. Not sure what that is?  It's basically face-framing highlights - usually in blonde - that are said to give you hair colour that expensive look.  Hence its name!

Mermaid Hair Colours

We love getting creative with hair colour so if you fancy something really special this summer, why not try a mermaid hair colour?!  We can choose just about any colour under the rainbow from pastels to bright bold shades and will blend and meld them together to create a bespoke hair colour for you.  Heck, we'll even add in some mermaid waves if you so desire!

Bold Hair Hues

Your hair colour can be as subtle or as bold as you wish.  The choice is entirely yours!  If you want to really spice up your hairstyle, why not choose a bold hair colour?  We can create a wide range of hair shades including bold reds, purples, blues and greens.  Simply book a hair consultation so we can get the look spot-on for you!

Book A Hair Colour Consultation At Style Me Hairdressing In Hitchin

We'd love to help you with your hair.  Book a complimentary hair colour consultation by calling the salon on 01462 442553.  See you soon!