All About The Blonde

Going Blonde? Top Tips From The Best Blonde Hairdressers In Hitchin

Achieving the perfect blonde hair colour takes skill and expertise which means it's time to call in the Style Me hair experts if you're planning on going lighter. We understand the science of hair colour and can achieve perfect results while maintaining the health and integrity of your hair.

With hundreds of blonde shades to choose from, it's also important we find a shade that suits you and makes you look more radiant rather than washed out.  Book a colour consultation so we can start you on your blonde hair journey today!

Choosing The Right Blonde Shade

We can help you choose the right blonde shade for you but there are some general 'rules' to follow if you want a hue that suits you! 

Light Skin Tones – Choose golden, strawberry or light blonde colours. 
Medium Skin Tones – Go for honey or golden blonde, beige blonde, and light blondes with warm tones.
Dark Skin Tones – Consider warmer, darker blondes such as caramels and golden blondes. 

Different Hair Colouring Techniques

The hair colouring technique we choose will depend upon the blonde look you desire.  Subtle sun-kissed blonde highlights can be achieved with a freehand balayage technique, while blonde highlights give a more evenly spread blonde feel when worked into your natural base colour.  For a bolder look, consider a permanent all-over hair colour.  Colour melting is another technique where we can seemingly melt your shades together!

Going From Brunette To Blonde

Brunettes can transition to blonde but please remember that it could take either a very long appointment or more than one appointment to get to the shade you desire. Book a hair colour consultation so we can explain the process, timings and price. 

Book A Hair Colour Appointment At Style Me Salon In Hitchin

Call our salon on 01462 442553. It is important you come in for a simple patch test 48 hours prior to any colour appointment.